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IndoExcursions, a member of the LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA GROUP, is the leading purveyor of luxury tours in Indonesia, delivering the best tour packages available in the country.  IndoExcursions offers numerous premium tours, including a 27-day Indonesia Travel Tour Package which takes travellers across the eastern end of the archipelago. Holiday tours to individual destinations include :  a Bali Holiday, including an Ubud Tour (7 days) ; a Bali Vacation with a Lombok Tour (12 days) ; a Bali Trip with Lombok and Komodo Tours (17 days) ; a Lombok Travel Tour with a Gili Getaway (6 days) ; a Lombok Tour with  a Komodo Island Tour (11 days) ; an exotic tour on a Komodo Liveaboard with a Tour of  Labuan Bajo, Flores (6 days) ; an Indonesia Tour to Java and Sulawesi, which includes a Borobudur Tour, a Prambanan Tour, a Yogyakarta Tour (Jogja Tour) and a Tana Toraja Tour (10 days).  When you're ready for an Indonesia holiday - for the Indonesia vacation of your dreams - look no further than IndoExcursion. We'll deliver you the Indonesia Trip of a lifetime! 

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