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This is a 17-day sample itinerary. Remember that IndoExcursions can create a journey of any length to meet your exact specifications.

* DAY 1

Selamat datang, welcome to BALI, INDONESIA! On Day 1, you will arrive at the Bali International Airport. Regardless of your arrival time, we will have an IndoExcursions driver greet you at the airport and deliver you to our dreamy hotel in the City of UBUD, Bali's "cultural capital," located in the centre of the island.

At 4:30pm, we'll convene for an Orientation at the hotel, where you'll meet your Escort/Tour Leader for the first time. Over dinner, the Tour Leader will give you a detailed Trip Itinerary and a Mobile Telephone (so we can stay in touch throughout our journey).

Following the Orientation, we'll head out for dinner at one of our favourite eating spots, so you can immediately begin to get a feel for the vibrant and pulsating culture of Ubud - a town often described as the "soul" of Bali. Central to the island's artistic and intellectual heritage, Ubud is where Bali's arts are at their brightest and its traditions at their most visible.


After a sumptuous dinner, we'll return to our hotel for a good night's rest before setting off on our journey in the morning.

* DAYS 2, 3, 4, 5

We'll devote four full days to a cultural exploration of Bali.


For many, Bali is the very definition of tropical paradise : magnificent vistas, looming volcanoes, lush green forests and terraced rice fields tripping down hillsides.

But Bali is so much more than this. It's the extraordinary richness of the Balinese culture - it's the "essence" of Bali - that sets it apart from any other island in the world. From the flower-petal offerings placed everywhere, to the processions of joyfully-garbed locals shutting down roads, to the elaborate temple ceremonies, to the enchanting traditional dances, to the otherworldly gamelan music played island-wide, almost everything in Bali has spiritual meaning and leaves you with a lasting impression of reverence, peace and tranquility.

Over four days, our Bali tour guides will take us off the well-trodden path for a true "insider journey" across the island - a journey filled with opportunities that would normally only be available to natives. We'll venture to intricately carved temples rarely visited by tourists; we'll stop at villages where locals will prepare us meals whilst excited youngsters perform ritual dances; we'll visit traditional spice plantations - we'll experience "authentic Bali" and discover the true essence of the "Island of the Gods."


Before heading out each morning from our Ubud accommodations, our guides will deliver a 30-minute language lesson and a short briefing on Balinese customs (such as how to correctly tie a Balinese sarong and sash before entering a sacred temple). And we'll end each day back in Ubud, so we can spend our evenings eating at amazing world-renown restaurants and attending fascinating Balinese dance and musical performances.









17 Days / 16 Nights


Commences and terminates in Bali

Ideal for 1 to 8 Travellers


Islands of Bali, Lombok & Komodo

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* DAY 6

We never go to Bali that we don't wish we had more time. As full as our 5-day Itinerary is, there is simply NOT sufficient time to see all the scenery, visit all the temples, attend all the performances, and eat at all the world-famous restaurants concentrated on this small island.

With this in mind, on Day 6 (our last day in Bali), you'll have "Free Day" (from sunup until 3:30pm). We'll keep one tour guide on call for the day, in the event that you or any of your fellow-travellers require assistance with transport to your desired location(s).

At 3:30pm, all travellers will meet back in Ubud for a very special final evening in Bali. It's our custom at IndoExcursions to end our Bali tours with a private dinner and private performance at a surprise location - something arranged exclusively for IndoExcursions travellers!

* DAYS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

After six days of intense cultural activity, it will be time for a "Beach Vacation." So, on Day 7, we'll take a 30-minute flight to the Island of LOMBOK (just a flying fish skip off the east coast of Bali), where we can slow down, unwind, and "chill out" for the remaining days of our journey.

Unlike it's superstar neighbour, Lombok is the island-of-choice for those seeking 'relaxation and serenity.' It's more than a place; it's a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind. When IndoExcursions Travellers arrive in Lombok after visiting Bali, we tell them, "Exhale and stretch out a little. You're in Lombok now."(For all its charms, Bali has an 'intensity' that simply doesn't exist on Lombok.)


Over five days, our native Lombok tour guides will introduce us to an island blessed with white sandy beaches, spectacular tropical reefs, exquisite marine life, vivid sunsets, wonderful beach resorts . . . everything you dreamed of when you planned your tropical holiday!


In addition to its beach-fringed coast, Lombok's lush forested interior is home to Indonesia's second-highest volcano, Mount Rinjani, and, at the foothills of Rinjani are some of the most serene waterfalls in the archipelago. It's our habit to encourage IndoExcursions travellers to take a (moderate) hike to the base of Rinjani to catch a glimpse of at least one of these exquisite waterfalls . . . but, if you decide to stay behind and chill out at the beach, we'll understand. After all, you're in Lombok.

* DAYS 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

After 5 days of R&R on Lombok, you should be well-tanned and caught up on your reading. So, on Day 12, we'll take a short flight to the Island of FLORES and check into a beach resort in Labuan Bajo (the Island capital). As we enjoy dinner at our resort, we'll watch the sun set over the infamous KOMODO ISLANDS just west of Flores.

Early on Day 13, we'll make our way to the Labuan Bajo port and board IndoExcursions' large and luxurious phinisi ship - a magnificent traditional Indonesian sailing vessel with "mile-high" sails. With IndoExcursions travellers onboard, a private chef and a full staff, we'll set sail for the KOMODO ISLANDS - a UNESCO-protected World Heritage Site and home to the famed Komodo Dragon, the world's largest monitor lizard.

For 4 glorious days, we'll glide through the crystal blue waters of the Komodo Islands - an area boasting the greatest marine biodiversity on earth, and teeming with dolphins, green turtles and giant mantarays. During our voyage, you may snorkel on pristine sandy white beaches; or explore the island coasts in search of Komodo Dragons; or, if you prefer, you may spend the entire 4 days relaxing on deck with a margarita in hand. All this, whilst enjoying world-class meals and accommodations on a luxurious sailing vessel. What's not to love?

The Komodo Islands will provide the perfect climax for our Indonesia Tour. On Day 16, upon returning from our 4-day cruise, we'll spend one final evening in Labuan Bajo, where we'll enjoy a lavish farewell dinner together and check into our resort for another night.

* DAY 17

Having completed a 16-day journey across two Indonesian islands, you should have restored balance to your mind, body and spirit. We expect you'll be well-tanned, have heaps of photos, and lots of stories to tell when you get back home. But, more importantly, we hope you'll have many fond memories of experiences shared with new friends.

On Day 17, we'll make our way to the Flores airport in Labuan Bajo to say our goodbyes. Then, you'll fly back to your original entry point in Indonesia, where IndoExcursions will have arranged a final night's accommodation for you before you head back to your home country . . .


Unless, of course, you live in Indonesia, or choose to remain in Indonesia for some independent travel!






Approximately Rp 127,500,000 per person

(Roughly € 7,990 / USD 9,027 / CAD 12,070 / AUD 12,818 / SGD 12,257)

Estimated price per person based on 2 travellers sharing a room

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If there's one thing you won't need to worry about on your IndoExcursions Journey, it's unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses!

We take great pains to ensure that our Travellers are rarely in need of personal funds.


Your all-inclusive Trip Fee will include :


*  Luxury Accommodations everywhere.

*  Domestic Airline Flights throughout your journey.


*  Overland Travel in spacious, air-conditioned vehicles.


*  All Meals and Snacks.

*  Escort/Tour Host for the duration of your journey.


*  Professional English-Speaking Tour Guides at each locale visited.

*  Mobile Telephone (with calling time) for use during your journey.


*  Written Materials.


*  Miscellaneous Items.


*  Admission Fees to all Sites and Performances.

*  Donations to all villages visited.



*  All applicable Government Taxes.


Other than a some spending money for souvenirs, alcoholic beverages and laundry expenses . . .

you need have little worry about out-of-pocket expenses on your all-inclusive IndoExcursions Journey.