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The Custom Maids  Team

Toronto has seen an explosion of franchised team cleaning services come and go since 1978.  Many have been fine services, marketed well and packaged nicely. But the fact is, there is a limit to the level of 'customization' a cleaning team can offer.  A team can never be as flexible as one well-trained house cleaner.

CUSTOM MAIDS TORONTO provides traditional one-cleaning-person-to-a-home service.  We maximize all of the advantages of having your own cleaning lady (or man), while eliminating all the risks and disadvantages of direct employment - such as lack of screening and training, lack of bonding, and lack of Worker's Compensation and Liability Insurance.

At the end of the day, our “product” is really “peace-of-mind.” We offer you the promise of one qualified house cleaner, together with all the protections necessary to shield you from exposure of every kind.

Des Breau I Co-Founder & Vice President

We strive to exceed customers’ expectations by providing highly “personalized” services that meet their ever-changing needs. Through the years, we’ve discovered that delivering such personalized service requires that each client be established with her/his own cleaning person. Therefore, we devote more time and effort to the recruitment and maintenance of a world-class cleaning staff than we do any other aspect of our home cleaning service.


Having screened upwards of 50,000 cleaning candidates over the past five decades, we’ve developed highly-honed vetting skills through the years. And, once employed, we maintain our cleaning staff by treating our employees respectfully and fairly, ensuring that they are recognized for their contributions to our cleaning company and receive compensation well above industry standards.

We want to attract, develop and retain the highest level of cleaning professionals to deliver our House Cleaning Services in Toronto. This means looking after the well-being of our people so they can look after our customers.

Dana Anderson I Co-Founder & President

The distinguishing feature of CUSTOM MAIDS TORONTO that separates it from virtually all other Toronto Cleaning Services is this :

We never send teams or crews of cleaners into your private home.


Situate a client with one well-trained, bonded and insured House Cleaner whom the client becomes happy and comfortable with, and the client will never have a reason to look elsewhere for Cleaning Service.

With this principle in mind, we’ve spent almost five decades building a Professional Cleaning Staff comprised largely of traditional cleaning ladies who have had many years of cleaning experience prior to joining CUSTOM MAIDS, and who have been in positions of trust for most of their lives. Today, we have Toronto Home Cleaners who have been with us for 5,10 15, 20, even 35 and 40 years, and many of the clients they serve have been with them since the commencement of their employment.


Notwithstanding their prior qualifications, all of our House Cleaners have completed CUSTOM MAIDS’ House Cleaner Service Training before joining our staff. And all are fully bonded by CUSTOM MAIDS; covered by Worker’s Compensation in the event of injury; and covered by Comprehensive Liability Insurance in the event of damage.


Established in 1978, CUSTOM MAIDS is the First and Original Cleaning Maid Service in Toronto.


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