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LANGUAGE STUDIES INDONESIA's six patented Certificate Courses

comply with the standards of the Council of Europe's






IND A1   Bahasa Indonesia : Foundations  I


IND A2   Bahasa Indonesia : Foundations  II



IND B1   Bahasa Indonesia : Intermediate I

IND B2   Bahasa Indonesia : Intermediate II

IND C1   Bahasa Indonesia : Advanced I

IND C2   Bahasa Indonesia : Advanced II

Entire Program

13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours


13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours



13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours

13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours

13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours

13 two-hour classes / 26 instructional hours

78 two-hour classes / 156 hours




FOUNDATIONS I and II   (Basic User)


FOUNDATIONS COURSES introduce students to Bahasa Indonesia, then go on to provide them the skills necessary to survive in most day-to-day social and business situations.  Courses focus on vocabulary acquisition and the use of simple grammatical structures.


Graduates of Foundations II are able to understand sentences and expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance ; communicate in tasks requiring a direct exchange of information ; and convey thoughts in personal matters related to their background, immediate environment and immediate needs.



INTERMEDIATE I and II   (Independent User)


INTERMEDIATE COURSES concentrate less on vocabulary acquisition and more with the complex grammatical structures necessary for true ‘conversational fluency.’  Both Intermediate levels deal extensively with those “notorious” Indonesian prefixes and suffixes.


Graduates of Intermediate II are able to understand the main ideas of complex text dealing with both concrete and abstract topics ; interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes interaction with native speakers possible without strain for either party ; produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects ; and explain viewpoints on topical issues, giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options. 



ADVANCED I and II   (Proficient User)


ADVANCED COURSES focus entirely on ‘USING THE LANGUAGE’ (rather than ‘STUDYING THE LANGUAGE’).   Having already “studied” at the Foundations and Intermediate levels, students now attempt to develop the communication skills necessary to truly live their lives in Bahasa Indonesia.


Bearing no resemblance to the vocabulary and grammar classes of the lower course levels, Advanced classes are comprised of much reading and media-viewing, followed by lively debate between the student and Mentor. To enhance these discussion sessions, students are encouraged to daily read the newspaper and bring articles of interest to the discussion table.


Students are also welcome to introduce industry-specific literature to their Advanced classes, in order that their Mentors can help them develop work-related language skills (e.g. conversing using appropriate business language, reading and interpreting business documents, producing business letters, etc).


At the Advanced level, there is no pre-determined vocabulary to be learned or pre-established grammar points to be addressed.  Rather, students simply USE THE LANGUAGE in genuine ways in order to develop advanced reading, writing, listening and speaking skills  . . . and their Mentors address specific difficulties as they occur.


Graduates of Advanced II are able to understand with ease virtually everything heard or read ; summarise information from different spoken and written sources ; reconstruct arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation ; express themselves spontaneously, fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in more complex situations.

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