Have you dreamed of diving, snorkelling and swimming in crystal-clear azure waters

teeming with sea turtles, dolphins and giant manta rays, ________________

and more marine life than anywhere else on the globe?

Indonesia, is the world's largest archipelago, boasting the richest coral reef ecosystem on earth,

and the greatest marine biodiversity on the planet.

As part of the Coral Triangle, Indonesia is home to

25 percent of the world’s coral reef, and 3,500 of the world’s 4,500 reef fish species.

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Luxurious Small-Ship Liveaboard Cruises

of 3 to 18 Days



Glide through lush volcanic islands where Komodo Dragons roam free

on an opulent traditional sea vessel with mile-high sales!


Working with Indonesia's most renown ship builders and operators,

 IndoExcursions has assembled the most impressive fleet of small ships available in the country -

 a fleet comprised of the 85 most luxurious sailing vessels in the archipelago.

Each ship has been handpicked for the splendid amenities it offers;

the high level of service, food and accommodation it provides; and the spectacular locations it visits.

Traverse the Indonesian waters on a world-class Yacht or Catamaran, or (as most travellers prefer) a majestic  26-to-46-metre traditional Indonesian Phinisi or Schooner with colourful "mile-high" sails and decorated with fine Indonesian and European furnishings.


Setting sail with a private chef and a full staff, the amenities of your exquisite sea vessel will, in most cases, include sun, leisure and observation decks; indoor and outdoor dining facilities; an air-conditioned, wood-paneled indoor saloon and bar; and, often, a library.

You'll be lodged in a finely-appointed, air-conditioned private cabin, complete with a full ensuite bathroom and a queen-sized bed (or two twin beds if you prefer) with high-quality mattresses and luxurious linens. Your room will include daily housekeeping and laundry service.


You'll wake up each morning to a delicious, full western breakfast. Sumptuous lunches and dinners (with vegetarian options) will be served daily on one of the ship's decks, prepared to the highest hygienic standards by your onboard chef. And, whenever the opportunity for a "beach barbecue" presents itself, you'll head to the sand for dinner under the stars. Snacks and fruit juices will be available throughout the day; and a selection of wines, beer and spirits will always be available for purchase at the bar.


Your ship will provide snorkelling gear and kayaks for your pleasure, and will be equipped with audio and visual entertainment, charging stations, camera stations; a separate rinse for underwater cameras, and, on most ships, complimentary Wi-Fi.


And best of all . . . you'll be pampered throughout your voyage by a dedicated local and international crew (fluent in Indonesian, English and, on many ships, other European languages).



If you're looking to dive or snorkel in mesmerising crystal-clear waters filled with deep-water trenches, underground volcanic mountains, and just about every kind of marine life this planet has to offer, the Indonesian archipelago is for you.


If you're a "beach baby" looking for pristine palm-fringed white and pink sandy shorelines

dissolving into blue waters with the most colourful ancient coral reef formations in the world, Indonesia is for you.  


If island hopping is your passion, you'll love jumping ship to explore exotic islands in search of

Komodo Dragons, glorious hidden waterfalls, mystical volcanoes, and sea gypsy villages.


And if you're one of those who'd prefer to just relax on deck and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets with a margarita and a good book, you'll love wending your way through the world's most picturesque archipelago with it's endless corridors of

looming volcanic islands covered with lush tropical rainforests and mangrove forests.

If it sounds like paradise on earth, that's because it is . . .

 and it's only available on a small-ship liveabord cruise in Indonesia's exotic Komodo and Raja Ampat Islands.

Please peruse the sea routes below.

Then let us know the routes that most interest you and your available dates.

That's all there is to it!

We'll call you back to get your details.

Then send you information and pricing for ships we propose for you,

together with comprehensive itineraries for the sea routes they offer.

Komodo  Islands

Most of our ships maintain a crew-to-guest ratio of nearly 1:1.


Our vessels typically accommodate 12 to 16 passengers, but, if you have a group or 6 to 8 persons,

we can often arrange a "private" voyage with no other passengers.


Available Voyage Durations  :  3 to 15 Days

Islands visited contingent on the duration of voyage.

Range of Prices  :  From USD $155 to USD $1,062 per day per person

Prices vary based on the luxury level of vessels.

Ships depart from and return to Labuan Bajo (on the island of Flores)

Rates include Airport transfer from and to Labuan Bajo Komodo International Airport (LBJ)

Activities: Snorkelling, diving, trekking, Komodo spotting.


Marine Life: Exquisitely colourful coral gardens comprised of more than one hundred different types of hard and soft coral. Over one thousand different species of fish and mammal fish, including (to name just a few) whales, dolphins, endangered dugongs, giant hawksbill turtles, giant manta rays, eagle rays, marble rays, bamboo sharks, dusky sharks, grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, black tip sharks, barracudas, giant trevallies, napoleon wrasses, octopus, razor-thin electric blue palette surgeonfish, humphead parrothead fish, jawfish, bubble coral shrimps, porcelain crabs, leaf fish, pygmy seahorses, mackerel, frogfish, banded pipefish, mandarin fish, wonderpus, and Indian walkman.

Wildlife: Komodo dragons, sulphur-crested cockatoos, orange-footed scrubfowl, helmeted friarbird, butterflies, rare orchids, strange-fig trees, and distinctive lontar palm trees.

Raja Ampat  Islands

Most of our ships maintain a crew-to-guest ratio of nearly 1:1.


Our vessels typically accommodate 12 to 16 passengers, but, if you have a group or 6 to 8 persons,

we can often arrange a "private" voyage with no other passengers.


Available Voyage Durations  :  5 to 14 Days

Islands visited contingent on the duration of voyage.

Range of Prices  :  From USD $165 to USD $1,433 per day per person

Prices vary based on the luxury level of vessels.

Ships depart from and return to Sorong (on the island of Papua/New Guinea)

Rates include Airport transfer from and to Sorong Domine Eduard Osok Airport (SOQ)

Activities: Snorkelling, diving, trekking.


Marine Life: Unique reefs in perfect condition with many giant corals, purple corals, sea squirts, hard coral tables, deer antler corals, green and brown moose antler corals. Raja Ampat holds the world record for the most species of fish and mammal fish recorded in a single dive: 284. The waters abound with whales, dolphins, five different species of sharks (including the Wobbegong shark), giant manta rays, eagle rays, mobula rays, giant trevallies, white-eyed and even giant morays, titan triggerfish, turtles, barracudas, blue ring octopus, tunas, Napoleon wrasse, cuttlefish, banded pipefish, various seahorse species, bumphead parrotfish, sea snakes, batfish, snappers, harlequin shrimp, slender fusiliers, rainbow runners, sweetlips, bannerfish, spadefish, bonitos, waow, frogfish, leaf fish, scorpionfish, spanish mackerel, pipefish, groupers, schooling jacks, pale-tailed surgeonfish, goatfish, giant six-banded angelfish, purple and threadfin anthias, green and blue damsels, redtooth triggerfish, schooling bannerfish by the hundreds, and much, much more!


Wildlife:  More than 171 bird species including yellow-crested white cockatoos, forest kingfishers, julang Irian, king parrots, and Red Birds-of-Paradise.  27 mammal species including bandicoots, spotted cuscuses, striped opossums, bats and tree rats.

For Avid Divers

Beyond Komodo and  Raja Ampat

Sailing to Indonesia's remote and unspoiled islands offers an opportunity to experience some of the

most pristine and undisturbed waters on earth, as well as some of the most exotic wildlife on the planet.

But trips to Indonesia's most remote and unspoiled islands are few and far between! Most of the vessels in our network do NOT visit the far-flung islands of the archipelago. And those that do usually venture out only two or three times each year.


As a result, voyages to Indonesia's far reaches are often book more than one year in advance.

If you are seriously considering a diving cruise to any of the Indonesian destinations listed below, please get in touch with us. We will forward you information on any ship(s) that visit your region-of-interest, together with their sailing schedules and availability over the next year or two.


On or near the Island of Sulawesi :

*  Togean Islands

*  Sangihe Islands

*  Bunaken Island/National Park

*  Wakatobi Islands/National Park

*  Northern Sulawesi

Near Island of Borneo (Kalimantan) :

*  Derawan Islands

The Spice Islands (Maluku Islands) :

*  Halmahera Island

*  Ternate Island

*  Tidore Island

*  Tifore Island

*  Banda Islands

*  Kai Island

*  Forgotten Islands

*  Ambon Island

Lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara Islands) :

*  Flores Island

*  Timor Island

*  Lembata Island

*  Sumba Island

*  Sumbawa Island

*  Rote Island

*  Savu Island

*  Alor Island

If you're a Surfer . . .

We can organise stellar surfing cruises to the country's best surfing destinations

as well as trips to unchartered surfing spots with quality waves suitable for most abilities.

But, like diving cruises, our surfing cruises are not numerous and fill up well in advance. If you have a sincere desire to surf in the Indonesian archipelago in the months ahead, please do not delay in contacting us. It is not at-all unusual for surfing cruises to be fully booked one or two years ahead.


Near the Island of Sumatra :

*  Mentawai Island

*  Telo's Island

*  Nias Island

*  Banyak Island

Near the Islands of Java, Bali,

Lombok and Sumbawa

The Spice Islands (Maluku Islands) :

*  Halmahera Island

*  Tobelo Island

*  Morotai Island

*  Buli Island

Lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara Islands) :

*  Timor Island

*  Rote Island

*  Savu Island

*  Raijua Island

*  Mengkudu Island

*  Sumba Island

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